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More or less.

So, some things that have changed since I last was posting regularly:

1. I finished school! Actually in May of 2011. But whatever! School! Done! Forever! Unless I someday lose my mind entirely and go back for a Masters.

2. I AM EMPLOYED! And I even like my job! And am surrounded by co-workers almost as strange as myself! IT’S A MIRACLE! Or so I am comfortable pronouncing it after seven months of un/under-employment. (Dear Bog, let me never work retail again, Amen.)

3. My mother turned 60, and I got to participate in an actual, successful, real-life, 30-person surprise party (organized by my little sister). Mum doesn’t look 60, so obviously I am going to age well! Huzzah!

But seriously, my mum. She is a bad-ass.

Mum's 60th Birthday

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