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Things are happening!

The sun was out! The sky was blue! This semester is nearly over!

And my vegetables are sprouting. Only a week ago they looked like this:

But today I was re-potting indoor plants and went to water the little vegetables-to-be pots, and instead there was this:

So far three of my four spinach plantings have sprouted, and the bit chives pot.  They weren’t there when I looked a couple of days ago, and it looks as though they just exploded from  under the dirt! I was forbidden to call it spring, because today was blustery and chilly on top of being blue-skied and sunny, but I almost believe it’s coming soon. (Almost.)

(Which reminds me, I really need to plant the other seeds. And then find somewhere to put them. Oi.)

In a couple of weeks, when classes are done, the roomie and I will be planting things for real in the actual ground in our community garden plot. Hopefully enough of these things will survive long enough to become edible. That’d be awesome.