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Results of the button venture

Went to the Gastown button shop (which is more or less the cutest button shop ever) and acquired buttons for the sundress I started a week or so ago from a discarded unfinished skirt and the bits left over. I have been calling it the Random Sundress in my head, since I more or less pinned the skirt to Mum’s dressform and then sort of pinned bits into experimental positions until I got them to stick. And then sewed them together. Tonight I will sew on all remaining notion-y bits and you can see the whole thing.

Yes, I bought 100 buttons. They were $5 for a bag. What I’m going to do with 100 buttons, I have no idea, but apparently if I buy four more bags, I get one free. (Anybody need 400 buttons?)

Also went to Dressew to pick up a replacement zipper for an entirely unrelated project, and ended up with Whim Fabric. Those among you who sew know of the unwise nature of Whim Fabric. And yet.

At least this time I actually bought a pattern, which is unusually responsible of me. Often I buy fabric and then it sits there for months until I forget about it. Or I make Random Sundresses out of it.

I’m making the middle one, more or less. Minus the piping. Because I hate doing piping.

Actually I blame Kim, who is a terrible influence. But we did make Corene buy Whim Fabric and a pattern as well, as she has decided she is going to learn to sew. This will be interesting.

Tonight, Random Sundress. Tomorrow, more plant pictures! No, they’re still not all dead!