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Hear that? That was the sound of the Bookslingers launch deadline whooshing by in a tribute to Douglas Adams.

Long story short, we didn’t get enough reviews done. So we’re hoping (with our fingers crossed) to instead run the site beta in late March or April, by which time we hope to have actually, you know, done all the things we need to do. The new official launch date for Bookslingers.com is May 1st, 2010.

Things I should know by now:

Things I should know by now:

1. Ari in a bookstore is a dangerous thing, particularly when armed with an excuse to spend money.

2. Ari in a bookstore during a sale is asking for disaster and poverty.

3. BUT LOOK WHAT I GOT. And I didn’t even go over my self-imposed limit.

The Haul.

4. Support Kidsbooks, for they are awesome.

The Kidsbooks folks even seemed interested in Bookslingers! Tragically, I had left my card case at home and could not give the nice lady a card when she asked for one. Oh, dear. Now we’ll have to go back… ;)

Bookslingers update!

While there’s still no actual accessible content up there, the Bookslingers splash page has had a bit of a makeover. We did a highly amateur photo shoot this morning, with about five hundred books and Pekoe the dog, who appears to have become our defacto mascot.

Have a look!

The future is pretty awesome.

This post comes to you directly from my HTC Dream. Android apps are pretty awesome too, especially when they’re free and let me post from the SkyTrain.

ETA: one problem I’ve found with this layout is that the “read more” cut prevents links from being displayed on the main page. FYI.

The layout for Bookslingers is almost complete, leaving only indexing and the layout of the search page itself. Watch this space!