Some Spring colour

For anyone who, like me, is having a crummy week, I offer you a virtual bouquet, to do with as you will. (A picture of the tulips currently sitting on my dining room table. Click for full-size image, for wallpapering/whatevering purposes.)

For me, one more assignment, a presentation on Monday, and then apart from finals I am done. DONE. If I get lucky and finish my bit early (i.e. before the sun goes down) I may go poke around in our brand-new community garden plot. Just moving dirt around; the veggies are all still too young and tender to be moved.

I’ll tell you a secret: before I post photos anywhere, I always process them through Photoshop a little (mainly for colour: using a flash always mucks things up). But it always delights me when there’s nothing to fix. Natural light really is the best!

To be done some time next week: go to the nursery for more plants, and find time to attend the mandatory “composting workshop” that the City of Vancouver requires in order to give you a balcony composter. (Like I don’t already know how to compost. But okay.)

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