Just in time for the season to become seasonal…

…I bring you more gardening pictures! I have been spending even more emotional energy on the babies than during finals, as I am still unemployed and frankly, don’t have much to do that is more productive – unless you count my frustrating progress on the Arghigan sweater.

The tomato plants are clearly becoming as impatient as me for the weather to warm up and settle down into seasonal 15-and-above – the Brandywines are about five feet tall and suddenly flowering like crazy! There are dozens of new buds, which I have been diligently pollinating using the buzz-pollinator method (read: with an electric toothbrush). This is a stopgap, of course, until it’s warm enough to put them outside. Hopefully that will be this week.
Just in time!
Just in time!
Just in time!

Also waiting for the weather to warm up: the eggplant seedlings, which aren’t really seedlings anymore. And yes, their pots are far too small – but I didn’t want to re-pot them when I was just going to put them in the ground. Hopefully it will be warm enough this week to do that, too.
Baby eggplant!

Spinach! Which evidently couldn’t care less about the container-versus-ground debate.
Balcony spinach

Peas! I always find peas both awesome and creepy – look at them reaching with their little green fingers!

We seem to be reaching the proper seasonal temperatures for May now, which is good news as I’m not sure how much longer everybody was going to last in too-small pots waiting for spring to finally arrive. Now I get to switch over my anxieties to the garden-bound plants. Job-hunting sucks, guys.

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