It’s about bloody time!

Finally slogged out to the garden today after this morning’s rather surprising torrential downpour to make sure nobody had been battered to death. Found several latecomers finally poking their heads up!

The spinach, after I pulled a couple of handfuls of the biggest leaves.

The carrots, finally.
Look who finally showed up!


The broccoli, which didn’t mind getting rained on at all.
Perfectly happy broccoli.

I’ve got about a dozen little potato-hillocks, this is just one.
Potatoes peeking their heads up!

The first rhubarb harvest, destined to become pie.
First crop of rhubarb!

The garlic. When will it be time to eat it? I want to eat it NOW.

Also in evidence was one wee pumpkin sprout, which I did not photograph.

After picking rhubarb and spinach I hacked down a metric tonne of dandelions, alien grass and some kind of purply mint relative invasive weed that grows about a foot a week. The pathways between my plot and my neighbours’ are now extremely tidy. (Someone else’s turn next time – my shoulders are all sore!)

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