Inopportune knitting projects.

I’m not sure why exactly, but I always manage to start knitting projects at the best times and then finish them when they are completely and utterly useless. Case in point:

Third attempt from the beginning. Pattern hates me.

I started this back in March. Y’know. When it was cold and people were still wearing wool scarves?

I finished it a week ago, on a day with a high of 20 degrees Celsius.

Yeah. Exactly.

One of these days I will begin and end a knitting project and then not have to wait six months to wear them.

Of course, thanks to Iceland, our weather’s been so screwed up that it may be winter again next week. It’s certainly too cold to plant my eggplant seedlings, which is extremely irritating.

On the upside, it came out looking pretty awesome.

As I take this picture, it is 17 degrees out.

Anyway, it’ll probably be months before I can wear it regardless, since it’s 60 inches long and needs to be blocked to 70 inches, and I’m not sure there is a space in my apartment big enough to do that.

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