More or less.

So, some things that have changed since I last was posting regularly:

1. I finished school! Actually in May of 2011. But whatever! School! Done! Forever! Unless I someday lose my mind entirely and go back for a Masters.

2. I AM EMPLOYED! And I even like my job! And am surrounded by co-workers almost as strange as myself! IT’S A MIRACLE! Or so I am comfortable pronouncing it after seven months of un/under-employment. (Dear Bog, let me never work retail again, Amen.)

3. My mother turned 60, and I got to participate in an actual, successful, real-life, 30-person surprise party (organized by my little sister). Mum doesn’t look 60, so obviously I am going to age well! Huzzah!

But seriously, my mum. She is a bad-ass.

Mum's 60th Birthday

3. My baby sister got a degree!

4. My best friend graduated from university, also with a degree! (And got a job the day she graduated! With no long disheartening months of unemployment! I’m only a little bitter!)

5. Climate change is real, kids. Our weather has been bizarre and frustrating, or at least my garden thinks so.


7. Vancouver Pride happened! And I took six million pictures.

Okay, no, I exaggerate. But only a little.

This one is probably my favourite, though it was not a part of the parade:

Vancouver Pride 2012

It was 29 degrees on parade day, during which we walked, um, way too far, in the sun, to get back to transit, and then I came home and immediately fell asleep for three hours. Sunlight is exhausting, guys. (Especially if you, like me, are translucent.)

8. In July, I went to San Diego Comic-Con, which is like Geek Mecca, for the first time since 2008. It was as transcendentally amazing as I remembered, and approximately 37% more crowded. Many things happened, and there were a lot of Feelings (The Firefly Reunion panel where everyone cried! I saw 12.5 minutes of The Hobbit!), but the important thing is that I was physically present when this happened:

…yeah. RIGHT?

There are other things I could list, but that would make this post 100% lists, which is dull.

I have some further projects in the works, both of them YouTube creations of some variety. One is extraordinarily nerdy and, like everything else I do these days, taps into my unending fount of flail and squee over The Avengers. The other is an original project that… still involves geekery, but more in the abstract. More on that in future posts.

P.S. Writing dialogue that is supposed to not sound like written dialogue IS REALLY HARD, guys.


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