I credit Pekoe with this kharma.

So last night, little Faildog, the roomie’s dog, had her final exam in obedience class. She achieved not only the best score in the entire class, but the only perfect score! All this despite being sequestered in the bad-girl box for barking back at other dogs. But whatever. She was great! And this morning was still absolutely wiped out from being such a good dog.

And this morning I got an e-mail back from a prospective employer! I applied for this job over Craigslist and wasn’t really expecting anything back (as with most Craigslist jobs), but now I might have an interview and some possible cash to finish out the semester! Unfortunately I still need to find a full-time summer job, since Langara doesn’t offer enough courses in my program over the summer semester to qualify me for adequate student loans, but that’s a problem for next month. Or maybe next week.

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