First Dinner Party of Summer

The roomie and I were for some reason seized with the urge to make dinner for a couple of our friends. So Corene went shopping for vegetables and I butchered the pineapple and cleaned off the barbecue.

We do actually have a barbecue – our landlords gave it to us when we moved in, as they evidently had a spare. It’s the first time we used it, which would have been obvious to anyone witness to our attempts to light it this evening. (We did eventually get it lit, after about forty-five minutes.)

It’s always more fun to cook from fresh ingredients, and this evening I got the excuse to use some of the herbs I’ve been growing on the balcony, mainly with an eggplant (aubergine). Everybody showed up and helped with the chopping and the mixing.

The veggies (and some hydrangeas – we didn’t eat those)

Naomi, chopping her first onion.

Corene stirring the couscous while yelling at Australia

Lynn putting more deliciousness on the eggplant slices (she was the one who finally got the barbecue lit)

The fish! (I ate waaaay too much fish.)

Corene’s couscous salad and the bottle of wine Lynn brought

The fish! Including garnish. Check us out.

Delicious local corn

Peppers and asparagus

The eggplant, all grilled and pretty

Roast potatoes

The spread

My plate

Pekoe, sad and apparently starving to death. (She lies. She ate before we did.)

Our dessert: grilled pineapple (Oh. My. GOD.)

Verdict: successful. Everything was delicious and Naomi got very silly on her second glass of wine and in addition to the pineapples, there was pecan pie for dessert. I may not move for a week.

Think we’ll try and use the barbecue a little more often now that the weather’s getting nice. Everything tastes better with grillmarks on it.

After-dinner tea. (In the background, a Lynn in her natural habitat.)

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