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Some Spring colour

For anyone who, like me, is having a crummy week, I offer you a virtual bouquet, to do with as you will. (A picture of the tulips currently sitting on my dining room table. Click for full-size image, for wallpapering/whatevering purposes.)

For me, one more assignment, a presentation on Monday, and then apart from finals I am done. DONE. If I get lucky and finish my bit early (i.e. before the sun goes down) I may go poke around in our brand-new community garden plot. Just moving dirt around; the veggies are all still too young and tender to be moved.

I’ll tell you a secret: before I post photos anywhere, I always process them through Photoshop a little (mainly for colour: using a flash always mucks things up). But it always delights me when there’s nothing to fix. Natural light really is the best!

To be done some time next week: go to the nursery for more plants, and find time to attend the mandatory “composting workshop” that the City of Vancouver requires in order to give you a balcony composter. (Like I don’t already know how to compost. But okay.)

Things are happening!

The sun was out! The sky was blue! This semester is nearly over!

And my vegetables are sprouting. Only a week ago they looked like this:

But today I was re-potting indoor plants and went to water the little vegetables-to-be pots, and instead there was this:

So far three of my four spinach plantings have sprouted, and the bit chives pot.  They weren’t there when I looked a couple of days ago, and it looks as though they just exploded from  under the dirt! I was forbidden to call it spring, because today was blustery and chilly on top of being blue-skied and sunny, but I almost believe it’s coming soon. (Almost.)

(Which reminds me, I really need to plant the other seeds. And then find somewhere to put them. Oi.)

In a couple of weeks, when classes are done, the roomie and I will be planting things for real in the actual ground in our community garden plot. Hopefully enough of these things will survive long enough to become edible. That’d be awesome.

I credit Pekoe with this kharma.

So last night, little Faildog, the roomie’s dog, had her final exam in obedience class. She achieved not only the best score in the entire class, but the only perfect score! All this despite being sequestered in the bad-girl box for barking back at other dogs. But whatever. She was great! And this morning was still absolutely wiped out from being such a good dog.

And this morning I got an e-mail back from a prospective employer! I applied for this job over Craigslist and wasn’t really expecting anything back (as with most Craigslist jobs), but now I might have an interview and some possible cash to finish out the semester! Unfortunately I still need to find a full-time summer job, since Langara doesn’t offer enough courses in my program over the summer semester to qualify me for adequate student loans, but that’s a problem for next month. Or maybe next week.


Almost all tabs now actually have something behind them! Not that you’d know it without a password, but you’ll just have to trust me.

I got sick of the rigidity of the old layout, so here is a new one. It reminds me of a Miyazaki movie, and so it pleases me. Gone is the inability to see links and the Read More function, which while interesting when new had become tiresome when old hat. Ah, well. That’s the Internet for you. Fickle and fast.

Speaking of which, it is a weird world. Five years ago the fact that you spent more than two hours of your leisure time mucking about on the Internet was something you never, ever mentioned to an employer. Now it’s something I’m being told, by honest-to-bog professional library-folks, to make sure and put it on my resume, at least for the kinds of jobs I want. This goes against all my instincts, for it is Crazy Talk.

But hey, if I’m good at anything, it is the Internet. In fact I’m apparently an expert, because I’m going to be taking part in a panel discussion on fandom at UBC at the end of the week. I’ve never been an expert before. I’m not sure what’s involved. (Though if anybody in the “audience” starts in on fandom being full of child molesters and video games creating serial killers, I will not be held responsible for my actions.)

I am beginning to fear that this is becoming one of those fearsome entities: a blog about having a blog. In order to remedy this I will shortly begin posting Actual Content here. How much of this will be any more interesting than me whining about theme and layout remains to be seen. All the interesting things that happen to me are fictional things, usually ones I write myself.

I think this is meant to be reassuring, but I can't stop staring at it thinking "but all right is two words!"

At school, we have been instructed to “network.”

To this end, I have ordered business cards from Moo. I heartily endorse them, by the way. Extremely customizable, beautiful free artwork for designs as well as the option of uploading your own , double-sided full-colour.

In a few weeks I will be able to hand out “my card” to anyone asking.

Now just to manufacture such a situation…