Apparently I have become a housewife.

Still unemployed, my days have come down to a short list of activities.

1. Knitting

2. Writing fic or editing my book

3. Cleaning ALL THE THINGS at the slightest provocation (a trait I inherited from my mother – thanks, Mum)

4. Baking.

Yesterday I made a quiche. I’ve made mini-quiches before, but this was my first full-sized one. Full-sized quiche is actually a little trickier, because it’s harder to tell when the filling is fully cooked. Seems the experiment was a success, though. Today there is only one piece left, and I’m going to eat it as soon as I’ve finished this post.

My first (regular-sized) quiche.

Today I was inspired (randomly) to make Oreo cookies. Or rather, Oreo-esque chocolate sandwich cookies. I was a little worried about them, for surely Oreo cookies must be at least a little tricky to make, but I was actually totally wrong. They were super-easy. At least they were with the help of my electric hand mixer. I wouldn’t have wanted to make either the wafers or the filling without one.


Anyway. I have managed to restrain myself and have only eaten two. There should still be plenty left tonight when Corene and Pekoe arrive. Tomorrow will be spent on the couch, watching all the TV Corene has been missing, sending out more job applications, and knitting some more.

This sounds like fun vacation time, but really? I want to be working already.

Ah, well. Soon. I hope.

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