An extremely tardy New Year’s resolution

I keep meaning to blog better about knitting, and I keep utterly failing at it. Strangely I have no trouble Tweeting or blogging in fandom. Anyway. KNITTING.

I’ve actually been pretty damned productive since January.

In February, I finished Mum’s Particular Cardigan, based on the Bergen Street Cardigan:
Mum's Cardigan - done!

This was actually the first sweater or actual garment I’ve ever made – and of course I made it for somebody else. But Mum was quite pleased. Pictured above are Mum and Robbie. Pictured below are the super-cool buttons I got for the cardigan at Button Button in Gastown:
Mum's Cardigan - done!

I had planned to start my own cardigan right after, but in the interests of procrastination I instead finished a handful of smaller projects. First my Hedera socks, which I’ve been working on for about two years without actually finishing:
Hedera socks!

Around the same time I finished my first cabled item, a Palindrome Reversible Scarf. Naturally I finished it right as it became too warm to wear thick scarves.
Reversible cable scarf: done!

I also whipped up a pair of rainbow socks from a ball of yarn I’ve had sitting in the to-use basket for about three years, simply because I don’t have any rainbow socks.
Rainbow socks!

I actually started the Arghigan somewhere in the midst of all of that, but I kept getting frustrated and putting it down. This is only partly the Arghigan’s fault – I’ve never made a cabled garment before and this is a pretty tricky one – not because of any one technique involved but because (for me) of the shaping of the front pieces. I kept dropping stitches or losing count or mucking up cables (which was why I did the Palindrome scarf first – I imagine it would have been even worse otherwise). Anyway, I’ve finally finished the Arghigan’s back piece, which barring screw-ups actually didn’t take me nearly as long as I expected. Unemployment does have its benefits, I suppose.
Arghigan back

I call it the Arghigan because I have found it a little aggravating – the pattern is actually based on the Blackberry Cabled Cardigan, and is a lovely, lovely piece. I am, however, making some slight alterations, mostly to the shaping on the front pieces. My poor brain was having enough trouble doing the curved front hems that I decided to knit them at a normal, straight right-angle. That way I don’t have to work out increasing within a cabled panel, and it will give the two front pieces a more traditional look (also, not leave my tummy hanging out when I wear the sweater). I think I will also make the ribbed band in two pieces – one for the neck and front sides and one for the bottom hem – and make the hem an inch or two longer to lengthen the whole sweater… though I’ll figure that out when I get to it, I suppose.

Bog knows I have plenty of time to knit for now, since the only other thing demanding my time is job applications and (hopefully) interviews. *crosses fingers*

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